5 Things to know about your Mortgage

Do you have a mortgage? Is it up for renewal any time soon? Did you ask questions when you got your existing one. This great video highlights 5 key things to look for and question prior to accepting mortgage terms.

Why do Bonds go up and down?

Do you invest in bonds as part of your fixed income portfolio? Do you ever wonder why or how the values go up and down? This article highlights the key reasons and causes of the volatility in pricing.Click here to read more.

Market Commentary May, 2019

May has been a month of reality setting into the market. The strong rebound from Q1 has leveled off as trade fears have resurfaced again. The optimism over a quick resolution to the US-China trade wars has subsided as both sides have implemented another round of...

McHappy Day

The Corporate Solutions Team was honoured to participate once again in McHappy Day - an annual day of community giving in support of Ronald McDonald Houses and other local children’s charities.This was our 4th year working with this wonderful initiative - the Ronald...

Market Commentary Match 29, 2019

The month of March was fairly flat for most North American Indexes in 2019, at time of writing the TSX was up just 0.35% for the month, creating 12.7% of gain in 2019. The S&P 500 was up just 0.9% for March as well, but 14% since Jan 1. The NASDAQ was up 1.6% for...

Disability and Retirement Plans

Disabilities never happen at a good time. But proper planning will allow you to still retire as planned. This case study shows how a couple has planned appropriately and will still retire on time, in a tax effective manner to create income going forward.Click...

Life Insurance or Investment?

We have all thought about the opportunity to buy permanent life insurance or invest the money on our own. This article outlines the differences in the two strategies and factors to consider when looking at these options yourself. It does get hard to beat tax free...

Market Commentary February 28, 2019

The month of February has seen the pace of market gains slow, however positive numbers still exist for North American indexes. The TSX in Toronto was up 2.9% for February, now totaling 12.5% in 2 months. The S&P 500 in New York was up 2.8% for the month and 12.3%...

8 Sources of Retirement Income

Proper retirement planning allows you to have multiple sources of income which allows for flexibility on how much you draw and when you draw from each source. How many sources do you have? Talk to us about your sources.  Click Here


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