Market Commentary September 28, 2018

by | Sep 28 | Market Commentary

The market numbers as of time of writing were mixed for the major North American Indexes. The TSX was just slightly down for the month, bringing year to date numbers to negative 0.7%. The Dow Jones in New York was up 2.7% for September, totaling 6.8% for 2018.  Leading the way for the year is  the NASDAQ which is flat for September and 15.4% for 2018.

Economic data for the North America economies were consistently positive with the previous month. Inflation continues to rise in check with central bank expectations. The biggest things to keep an eye on are sales in the cannabis market as it becomes legal in Canada and how NAFTA negotiations continue further.

Interest rates in the US have continued to rise as expected, and it is thought that the rates in Canada, will likely rise one more time before the end of the year (especially if NAFTA is renegotiated soon).

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