Is it HR’s job to help their employees become Financially Literate?

by | Nov 7 | News & Updates

Over half of Canadians wish their corporation would help their employees become financially literate.

Being a valued business partner in the employee benefits and group savings business is more than spreadsheets and shopping the market for a better rate. At The Corporate Solutions Team, Inc. we are consistently looking for new ways to engage our clients employees and deliver, real, tangible value.

One of the areas we deliver this value is through our “Lunch and Learn For Financial Literacy” program.

The program is designed to teach your employees basic concepts of fundamental financial planning skills. For example: budgeting, liquidity, retirement, education, and insurance planning.

There are no charges to our clients or their employees for this service.

Feedback from employees is overwhelmingly positive!

Let us know if this is something you would like to provide to your employees?


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