Ski for Kids charity fundraiser

Ski for Kids charity fundraiser

The Corporate Solutions Team Inc is proud to have once again participated in the Ski for Kids charity fundraiser run by the Toronto Academy of Dentistry in support of Sick Kids Hospital. The funds raised go to improving dental surgeries and techniques that are used in...

Investing in Life Insurance?

Canadians look for investment opportunities everywhere they can. How can we boost returns while minimizing tax on the growth? This article summarizes why investing in a life insurance contract may be a good fit for wealthy individuals, businesses and families. Click...

The dos and don’ts of tax-free gifts in Canada

Canadians pay a lot of tax dollars, and many times questions come up around what can be gifted to children or other adults without incurring tax issues. This article summarizes many of the factors to consider when gifting money. Keep in mind, gifting cash is tax free....
Wills, PoA and Joint Ownership

Wills, PoA and Joint Ownership

BNN has provided some insight here on why to have a will, a power of attorney and some of the benefits and pitfalls to consider with joint ownership of assets.
Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging

One of the best strategies to beat market volatility is to average out your pricing on investments. With the recent market volatility this strategy is seeing its advantages fully on display. Read THIS article to learn about the program you should...


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